Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Marigold Teaser

I believe I've said enough about this film before. t this point, I'm just wondering when the heck it's going to come out.

Presenting: Marigold. [via]

Truly, I would have preferred my hero, Hrithik Roshan, be the lead in this one--the guy is supposed to be a choreographer after all!--but we'll save him for the film about the super hott Bombayite who comes to New York and discovers hip-hop through a profoundly beautiful spoken word artist and choreographer who--you already know--is black. (Hmm. I need to get to work on that...)


Joe said...

Gosh! I assumed this had been shelved long ago!

babasko said...

indiafm.com has the release date set for july 27th :D

Beth said...

There should be a big sign at all international airport terminals: "Welcome to India, the world's largest democracy! PS to ladies: if you know what's good for you, you'll stay the F*&$ away from Salman Khan."