Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dancing in the Street

Exhibit A: The citizens of Yorkshire, UK, enjoying Bollywood week with free dance lessons in the park. Everybody say, "shava shava!"

The International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) were held over the weekend where many of Mumbai's glitterati, including the ever-glamorous Abhiwarya, graced an audience of 12,000 with their presence. However glamorous they may be, let it be known, the award for most glamorous male star went to none other than Bollywood Boyfriend #1! ;)

[New York needs to step it up y'all!]


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the picture and links... they said (in the BBC article) that 'Krrish' means 'there's no one like you' in Hindi. Can that be right?

PS Ash and Hrithik totally deserve the glamour tag for their hotness in 'Dhoom 2' - much better than giving them acting awards for the film.

nic said...

Krrish doesn't mean anything in hindi. It's just a stylized version of the name Krishna. The original name of the movie was "Koi tumsa nahin" which actually means 'there's no one like you' in Hindi. There was a song in the movie starting with the same words.