Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"Did you know...

...that June is National Celibacy Awareness Month?"

Who did?

I wonder what we're supposed to be aware of? That celibacy exists? Of who is a practicing celibate? Is involuntary celibacy covered or only free-will abstinence?

I'm not hatin. I'm just sayin. I only brought it up 'cause it made me giggle. :)

[Never fear, I'll do some proper posts once my wireless gets hooked up at my new place!]


Ginger said...

Where is that billboard! hee!

MoJo said...

They should totally have Involuntary Celibacy Awareness Month! I wonder what sort of activities would be on the calendar of events.

t-HYPE said...

Where? On the internet! (I did read it was posted in Baltimore at some point but I have no idea by who.)

Hmmm Mojo. Calendar of events? Frightened at the thought. Absolutely frightened.

Joe said...

I still don't understand why some causes get a day and others get a whole month!