Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The "Other Bollywood"

Filmiholic emailed this to me the other day and I forgot to post about it. So the truth is out: Tollywood's been holding back on me!

I don't know that the first paragraph of the article is entirely accurate. I was under the impression the whole of India turned out about 800 films a year, not Mumbai alone:

HOLLYWOOD, shmollywood. Give me Bollywood. As serious film fans know, India's Bombay-based, Hindi-language movie industry is the world’s largest, grinding out 800 or so features a year, vastly more than its California rival. And these are movie-movies, where boy meets girl, boy loses girl amid angry parents, evil gangsters, rapacious landlords, corrupt politicians, fistfights, machete fights and communal warfare until, three hours and five dance numbers later, love and justice prevail. Cut. Print.
Anyhoo, the article is about Ramoji Film City down in Andhra Pradesh, and from what I can tell from their website, this place is way more exciting than the Taj Mahal. Beth, do tell Rajan to add RFC to our 2008 itinerary please. I am so crashing that pimped out honeymoon suite!

Read the entire article here.

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indianoguy said...

Ramoji Film city is sort of a theme park. It was intended to be a film studio, but it failed to attract enough film productions. Now a days it being used as a venue for large functions or Lavish weddings.

I have never been there, but all my close relatives have been there and they liked it.