Thursday, January 18, 2007

Anbe Sivam (2003)

So I finally finished watching Anbe Sivam--without subtitles--and I liked it. I'd probably like it more if I knew more details of what was going on!

The first half was fast-paced and funny so it wasn't too hard to follow. After the flashback where Anbe tells about his past and the girl that he loved, the story seems to get more interesting but there's much less physical comedy and "Tanglish" so I missed a lot.

For the life of me, I could not figure out what was up with the old bearded guy with the tikka. He would appear and corner Anbe at the most inopportune times and I was never quite sure whether or not he was supposed to be threatening.

Also, the ending kinda bummed me out. It would have helped to know Anbe's motivation for walking away.

Anyone want to fill me in on the details?


naina said...

don't know anything about this movie, but i kind of have a thing for r. madhavan (don't laugh). have you seen him in the guru photos? yum!

t-hype said...

Don't be 'shamed girl. There's just something about him.

I'm watching this movie like, why haven't I seen this guy before? even though he was all up in Rang De Basanti. I think the glory of Kunal Kapoor was eclipsing him though...

sk said...

T-hype, you're not a Tamil speaker (I think?) and you watched Anbe Sivam without subtitles?! Amazing!

Indian Parrot said...

I assume you understood the girl Madhavan was going to marry was Kamals ex gf. Her father lies to her saying Kamal is dead. When he comes to the marriage because of the invitation of Madhavan, the father thinks he is trying to stop the marriage since she still has feelings for Kamal. But Kamal while travelling with Madhavan(he tells this in Tamil!!) tells he is going to get the signature from the girls father to give the land to the farmers. So he uses the situation to get his signature. Hmm life of farmers is more important than his gf and also he has some image issues due to the accident and figures madhavan is a better match than him.

Naina, Madhavan is considered very hot by South Indian girls. I dont know about the North.

Impressionist said...

Kamal is known for Communist leanings and this film is his salute to the communist idealogy. His sacrifice of love for the sake of land for the farmers signifies that. Madhavan represents the capitalist ideology and their interaction during their journey together has some wonderful quips about communism and capitalism.

That bearded guy with the tikka is out to kill him but reforms once Kamal points out about his family and children (Its all a blurr since I watched the movie a long time ago).