Tuesday, January 09, 2007

About Indumukhi

Since my last random question was answered quite thoroughly, I've got another one:

What is this song about?
[I would post the mp3 here for listening but I don't know how.]

It's by a guy named Krishna Prasad from Cochin, India. The song is Iniyum. I found it on download.com in the music section. I like that one and Thrushna. From what I can tell, dude doesn't have a website so I have no idea where to find lyrics, etc.

He did however, score a mention in The Hindu back in 2004. *sigh*

Any translation help is appreciated! Based purely on geography, I guess it's Malayalam.


Aisha said...

Hey, if you want to add music to your blog, then enter the following HTML code:

embed src = "name of the music file.mp3" autostart=true hidden=false loop=false

Place "<" before the word embed and ">" at the end of "loop=false."

My HTML is a bit rusty, but that should do the trick. The "autostart" allows the music to automatically play when a visitor visits your space. The "hidden" feature allows you to hide the media player used to play the music. The "loop" allows you to continuously play the music over and over again.

Use the "true" and "false" words to turn on or off the music, etc. Also, you can replace "mp3" with wmv or whatever.

Aisha said...

If you like Indian music, then you should check out this site.


It's about a singer named Prem Joshua who composes Indian music, and his song "Sky Kisses Earth" is amazing.


If you want to listen to Indian music and watch Bollywood films and documentaries, then try out this site.


Mosilager said...

iniyum - it's malayalam, you're right. basically the song asks, "When will you come near me again?" goes on to describe how the singer is feeling without whoever she is waiting for. The lyrics are quite poetic.

t-HYPE said...

No line by line translation?


Mosilager said...

time issues... will work on that... actually my vocab is not so good so I only understand about 40% of it. nothing a dictionary cannot resolve.

t-hype said...

*hugs* *hugs* *hugs* for you Mosilager!