Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Na Tum Jaano Na Hum (2002)

Na Tum Jaano Na Hum is just as cute as can be. I desperately try not to fall prey to chick flicks because well, I don't want my teeth to rot out from all the sweetness. At the end of a movie, I hate to feel like my girliness has been taken advantage of. You can't help but like this movie. It's bloody precious.

To sum it up: Sleepless in Seattle meets You've Got Mail + dance numbers.

So basically, as usual, Hrithik runs around looking gorgeous, mischievous and yet somehow approachable. Saif plays the bumbling skirt chaser. Naturally, the two have known each other since childhood and through a chance series of events end up tangled around the same girl (Esha Deol). Oh the irony! One can't help but wonder how the tragically lovesick couple will ever be united. Only after much heartbreak and sobbing, I assure you.

I was even a bit taken in by the exchange of childhood toys between secret lovers. Yes, they went there. I have no shame, I'll probably buy a copy off Neha Flix later...

At any rate, this is the second time I've seen Hrithik in a dress. Not sure how I feel about that. When one is pretty, it would behoove one to guard one's masculinity a bit more closely. But I digress.

It's worth the watch but you've been warned.


Beth said...

I enjoyed this movie too. I think we may be the only people on the planet who saw it - I never hear anyone talk about it. And I'm glad you mentioned the toys - that little plane he gave her is CUTE in all the good ways.

Also, the cover of the movie is weird, isn't it? Esha looks completely vacant and also as though she forgot her sunglasses, since the other two have them, and Saif just looks...like a brainless lech, actually, which is too bad.

Patrix said...

What's with the Nat Geo-like border on the movie title?

Anonymous said...

can u tell me where to download the movie??? i cant find it anywhere...!pls help...thanks!