Thursday, March 06, 2008

Oh my god, all these black people...

...are supporting Barack Obama. It. is. so. annoying. Why can't more of them support Hillary? Why are they like, so flaky about the Democratic process? Like, who does Obama think he is, Bill Clinton--the voice of America's youth or something? God, did you see him dancing on Ellen? I mean, it was like, such a popularity seeking moment. Ewww.
For the record, this is what every "black people are voting for Obama because he's black" comment sounds like to my ears. Regardless of the vocabulary used, it sounds like whining and it sounds bitter. AND it's sooooo tired.

I can understand how people who vote in every election get a little miffed whenever the presidential elections come around and previously unengaged citizens arise from their couches and traipse out to the polls. How dare they! They should leave voting to the experts, to those who follow political commentary more closely than psychics follow Nostradamus! Oh, the perils of pseudo-Democracy! The perils of allowing the people ("blacks") to vote! Surely when the 15th Amendment was ratified, the legislature couldn't have imagined this day--the day when black folks might get to vote for a presidential candidate just because he's brown. Ha! What a disgrace.

Seriously though. Help is available.
  1. Realize that if you are a white American and spend the rest of your life with American citizenship, you will likely never have the opportunity to vote for a presidential candidate "just because they're white" UNLESS Barack Obama wins the Democratic nomination. Then you can vote for John McCain. Let me know how it feels.
  2. Repeat after me: "Part of the democratic process is FREEDOM. Freedom means people can vote for whomever they want--for whatever reason they want." Say it until you believe it.
If the recitation doesn't work, I would suggest you stop watching so much political commentary; especially on 24-hour news channels like CNN. Listen to music and take a walk in the park. You'll vote for the candidate you've chosen and millions of other Americans will do the same. End of story.

[FYI, this tirade post was inspired by a few tired comments on my last post.]


cookie cutter said...

I'm not saying that all black supporters are voting for him because he is [kinda] black - I am saying that there ARE some people who are supporting him because he is seen as a "black" person (and a representative of black people) and not because of his political stance and interests for the nation, like a white supremacist voting for a republican just because he's white. It's prejudice and dumb!

t-hype said...

Well, I'm sure you've already guessed I don't see what all the fuss is about.

The media also suggests that white women are voting in droves for Hillary. So what.

The vast majority of people vote the same way they go shopping, they buy (vote) based on what they identify with. They make a choice based on a sum of assumptions.

There is very likely an element of predjudice influencing the thought process of many voters (whether choosing Obama or Hillary) but I don't think you have to be a white supremacist or a black panther for that to be the case.

Anyone who allows their implicit "preferences" to go unchecked can find themselves making choices based on assumptions rather than reality.

Daddy's Girl said...

Well said, t-hype!

Anonymous said...

I understand completely where you are coming from. It's as if I supposed to be ashamed because I am black and voting for Obama.And what does kinda black mean he is basically African American when you think about it. His mom was completely white and his dad was straight African not African American which makes him basically African American because we're all mixed up here anyway. Anyway back to the point.When women such as Ellen Degeneres are clearly voting for Hillary because she is a woman it's not seen as a big thing. I think it is a shame when Balck men aren't voting for Obama becasue they say they don't believe in him. This means to me that they don't believe in themselves.

cookie cutter said...

I said "kinda black" because he is part-black.