Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chak De India (2007)

[I was so amped when I finished the film I forgot to write a haiku! The review is now properly introduced...]

Coach wants one team, ek!
Girls learn to "play well with others."
Soon, the fight is on.
I loved this flick! I’m loving the “We play for one country” theme. A team is a team. This is Shahrukh Khan in all his glory. I’m definitely feeling the goatee…and the obligatory rain scene. (Has Shahrukh ever been in a film where he didn’t get doused with water?)

On to other things, if I was Punjabi, I’d be salty about how snarly the Punjabi girl looked. Even so, I’m still mad about her unibrow. I mean, I guess they were going for absolute realism on that one but they coulda gave her some kinda touch up! Where were the stylists? Makeup?!

Sports films are notoriously predictable and this one is no exception. The first half has some nice character development and the second half is, well, sports. Except for that little private moment with Bindiya and coach in the restroom, but I digress. (Was that good acting or was the actress really making our man SRK nervous?)

Also, I guess it wouldn't be me writing the review if I didn't mention the fact that it was really cool that several of the girls were supposed to be from remote rural areas...jungles even(!) and that some of them actually looked different. My favorite line was the bit about being treated like a foreigner in your own country. Word. Maybe, someday in the near future, in a mainstream fillum, one of those foreign or "jungle" girls will actually get to have a backstory. Here's for hopin'.

On a unifying note, that moment at McDonald’s had to be the best fight scene I’ve watched in a good long while. Not because the action was so stellar but because it was vicariously satisfying. Who hasn’t wanted to beat the crap out of obnoxious catcalling boys at the mall? *two tight slaps* Girl power!

Watch the film.
Rent it immediately.


Alan said...

This was an outstanding film and we really enjoyed it. I did a post a while back as well. I don't think a unibrow is a big deal. Actually, I never noticed until I read your post. Anyway, on a sidenote, Kajol has the unibrow thing going on and she's definitely a hottie. (We just rewatched KKHH last night.)

t-HYPE said...

Ha! Good point Alan, but every time I watch KKHH I think, "I'm SO glad Kajol finally got a stylist!!!"

MoJo said...

Oooo, I want to see this movie!

Anonymous said...

"Maybe, someday"...

Word. Big Bucket o' Word.

It's the most diverse country on the planet, its movies are now enjoyed by the whole planet, and I am looking forward to the day when we get to see more of the 9,743 squillion flavors of Indians, backstory and frontstory!