Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Monday!

If like me, you hardly ever turn on your TV, you might have missed this back in '06. Even if you didn't, you know you want to watch it again.

Please, remove all food and other foreign particles from your mouth and nostrils before pressing play. Thank you.


sucre said...

omg i remember this. this was great!

The holy cow said...

Hello t-hype,
This is Gaurav from Kolkata,India.I have been following your blog for quite some time.I am also a fan of Hrithik and hence I should clear the doubts that in the sony ericsson ad,he didn't have a black face;trust me,we in india see that ad almost everyday,so we know the truth.Samehow a shadow came onto his face in the youtube video but actually it's only the hair that indicates towards the reggae style and not anything else.Also,I would like to tell you gladly that Hrithik has done a new item Number for his dad's upcoming movie "Krazzy 4",I am giving you the link here,you can see if you want to.!!!