Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Who doesn't like a challenge?

I always like getting interesting emails.
Here's one that requires your help good readers. Your knowledge could help one more Indian film fan sleep at night...

Hey, T-Hype:

Occasional reader of your fine blog here with a question you might be able to help me with. A couple weeks ago my wife and I were doing the tour of the ruins in ancient Ephesus, near Sel├žuk, Turkey. From a distance, we kept hearing the same bit of music played over and over down the road by the big ticket ruins. When we finally made our way down there, we saw they were filming a Bollywood movie – or trying to. The poor production assistants were having a rough time keeping back the increasingly impatient crowds; they eventually caved under the pressure and the crowds swept in like a flood, effectively terminating the shoot for awhile. Attached is a photo I took of the actors, hoping to somehow identify them later. Any idea who they might be? No doubt they’re big stars in India, in which case it might be fun to know who they are. Thanks for your time and any info.


I'm thinking it's pretty obvious the hero is from the South. In fact, he looks familiar but I can't place him at all. Is Velu still reading? Any details?
Click to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the telugu actor Sumanth.
I am not 100% sure though

Indianoguy said...

Yeah, I agree with anon. looks like Sumanth

t-hype said...

Thanks guys!

(Any thoughts on the girl in the photo?)

Alan said...

She's really cute. (That's my thoughts).