Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Best Movie Ever!

Last week during my volunteer stint at the ABFF I was able to sit in on a few films in between shifts and to be honest, most of them didn't keep my attention.

This movie, however, had me from "Dear Beth." ;)

PRESENTING: I'm Through With White Girls

Check out the trailer. And, if you know someone who works for a distribution company, call them NOW. I want my dvd ASAP!

[BTW, the title comes from this song by The Dirtbombs.]


Maja said...

Oh man, I really want to see this now but what are the chances of finding it anywhere? Meh.

Also, you've been tagged!

Turn Soul Films said...

Hello! I'm the Exec Producer of the film I'M THROUGH WITH WHITE GIRLS! Thank you so much for posting this blog") The film IS a kick-ass feature and my twin sister and I, who co-produced it, are talking to distributors now but it could be a coupla months before you can buy the film. If you'd like to be notified when it's available or screening at a festival near you, PLEASE join the mailing list on our website!
Thanks again for your support!
Sincerley, Phyllis Johnson