Thursday, November 15, 2007

I probably shouldn't have...

...but I couldn't let this little guy go.

You know you're in for trouble when people say, "Can you take him now?" but I did it anyway. How could you say "No" to this precious little face even if he hasn't been properly socialized and in the past 6 hours:

  • He FREAKED out at being closed in his travel crate
  • Howled at not being let out of the car IMMEDIATELY after it stopped
  • Got it on with one of the sofa cushions
  • AND growled at me when I attempted to remove the cushion from his *clutches*
I haven't even gotten to feeding time yet. *sigh*

I'm sure after a few more tutorials from the Dog Whisperer (and a bag full of meat-substitute treats) he'll know who his mama is! *grrr*


Kat Coble said...

Oh My Gosh! Is that a pom? You're in for a treat.

(I have a White Spitz/American Eskimo...same thing, but people call them by two different breed names.)

My dog breed is very similar to the Pomeranian in temperment and need, and I grew up around a lot of Poms at my grandmother's and aunt's houses.

I absolutely love Poms.

A couple of tips:

1. They're smart, so it's good to buy smart toys that give them a bit of a challenge. The Cube and The Kong are good ones.

2. If you're trying to bond with the puppy and teach him you are his mama, allow him to "nurse" on your earlobes and rub your cheek against the side of his face (nuzzling). These are how mother dogs bond with their pups and I've never known it to fail with human/dog relations yet.

If you can't stomach having him nibble your earlobes, you can just go for the nuzzling and that does the trick just fine.

Beth said...

Sooooo cute! I have a spitz mix too (keeshond)! I look forward to more updates!

t-hype said...

He's definitely a pom. He's doing ok so far.

I make NO promises on nuzzling! (I seriously don't need to give my face a reason to breakout.) He understands sit and stay BUT he only does it until he gets what he wants (ie. to go outside) then you can throw in the bag. He growled at me when I pushed him off the bed last night so we've got a ways to go!

That Rachel Person said...

What's his name? He's so cute. I have a male Shih Tzu: very bad. =P

Tia and Toya said...

useless creature...

oh and you've been tagged. if you're so inclinded, check the blog for details...