Thursday, April 19, 2007

Still breathing...

...which with this week's turn of events in VA can't be taken for granted.

I've been meaning to post about not posting for a couple of days now but this little nudge from Ennis did the trick:

Where did you go? Fug* never takes a holiday, and Bollywood keeps churning out things that need commentary. Where is t-hype?
Awww. t-hype is on lockdown y'all. The only way this month could get any busier is if I was getting married. Now accepting applications. ;)

*The truth is, Bollywood Fugly can't take a break. So long as costume designers malign our favorite stars, there is work to be done!

For the next eight days, I'll be volunteering at the Nashville Film Festival. This Friday, my kids at the B&G Club have their movie premiere. Saturday I've got to snap some photos for work of a service project called Operation Compassion. Monday is the annual dinner for the YMCA of Middle Tennessee and I'm responsible for a ton of PowerPoint stuff. This ain't no small time affair either. Vince Gill is performing after dinner and it's at this hoity-toity little facility.

Then there's this film that I mentioned earlier. I got a phone call from one of the producers and we had a great chat about film in Nashville. It appears that we're getting the film extra first in that Nashville will be the first box-office opening for the film on Friday, April 27, at Thoroughbred 20 in Franklin. That's a pretty bold & crazy move on the part of the producers/distributors AND--in a fabulous second act complication--I've been enlisted to help get the word out on the street: Americanizing Shelley is opening in Nashville and we need to make sure the box office numbers are strong!

Opening weekend plays an enormous part in the reputation of the film and, more importantly, in the film's theater longevity. We're doing everything short of standing outside Sri Ganesha passing out flyers! Kumar, you're doing that right? ;)

Truthfully, I've really been wanting to write a review on
Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage because it was seriously the worst movie I've ever seen. On the thumbs up side, I never did write any notes on Mother India, The Namesake (10 hott points for Kal Penn's shaved head) or Namastey London (*tsk*tsk* Punjabi pink is not for everyone).

Hopefully after I find another place to live at the end of May (!) I'll have more time to devote to my beloved Bollywood.

Until then I find rest in the fact that my new associations have positioned me a mere 4 degrees of separation from Life Goal #29: Meet Hrithik Roshan.

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Beth said...

1) Love the banner with my FPMBF mid-dance!
2) I watched a Govinda movie last week, so I'll hurry up with the fugging!