Monday, February 19, 2007

I've been busy...

I think this is the first time since my blog fast I've let a whole week go by without posting!

My brain has been in a bit of an overload since January 1. First quarter is always the busiest time of year in my department. We have an annual report to produce in addition to two quarterly publications and monthly communication to our sites.

In addition, I volunteered to assist the marketing coordinator for Barefoot Republic camp, a really amazing non-profit dedicated to providing a Christ-centered summer camp experience for Jr. High and High School kids from all walks of life--different ethnicities, social class, jocks, artists, skaters, believers and non-believers. The kids whose families can pay do, and the others get assistance or attend for free. I'm not aware of any other camp that makes such an effort to get athletes and artsy types in the same space. I love what they do so I jumped on board.

On top of that, I was invited to set up a writing workshop for about 18 teens at a local Boys & Girls Club in the 'hood. [Translation: I'm trying to teach writing to a bunch of kids who can't write, half of whom are not interested in writing, especially afterschool when they'd much rather be texting on their cell phones.] Working with teens is always an interesting challenge. I really do like a challenge so I accepted.

As for my personal writing, a friend and I are almost done with the script for our next short film. It's not exactly earth shattering but it will give us some nice visual material to work with since we'll have more than 48 hours to pull it together! Unfortunately, I didn't have anything worthy of getting me on the first season of Steven Spielberg's On the Lot but best believe next year, I shall be prepared...

Besides all that, winter is on in full force and I keep trying to squeeze in a few days of snowboarding in between weekend weddings and random social obligations only to be faced with friends who bail at the last minute. Arrgghh! Snowshoe Mountain anyone? I'm planning a trip for March 3-4 because I'm determined to board in real snow this winter!

At any rate, that means my blogging has unintentionally fallen to the wayside. At present, I've neglected sharing my thoughts on Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, [finally watched it!], Salaam-e-Ishq or Indian, not to mention a couple of old Cosby-Poitier films I picked up: Piece of the Action and Uptown Saturday Night. I also saw Daddy's Little Girls at the theater today. So many films. So little time!

This, in addition to all the minor details floating about the back of my mind have given me a bit of writer's block. This virtually pointless post is my way of chipping away at the block.
The next post should be better. ;)


matthew lovell said...

Not pointless at all! Sometimes it's this genre of posting that gives your readership a little window into the details of your daily life. So charming!

Daddy's Little Girls was sooo good. My favorite line: "How old are you?" "20-12."

Angela G. Skylar said...

Wow, you certainly sound busy...but it seems like you are doing great things with your time. I admire you for taking on unmotivated teens and trying to teach them to write! And of course I'm looking forward to your movie posts...especially salaam-e-ishq which I also recently saw and have neglected to post on! Writer's block is so inconvenient, LOL!