Wednesday, December 20, 2006

When life takes over

I know it's hard to imagine but lately I've actually had work to do at work--important type stuff and I'm the only one who can get it done. I've also been overwhelmed by social obligations aka celebrations of the joyous Christmas season.

Basically, I haven't watched a Bollyfilm in almost two weeks. This, while suffering from a flu/cold/sinus infection that can only be described as bio-terrorism. Times are hard. I didn't even check out Baabul when it played at the Belcourt on Sunday. No John Abraham for me (or Salman for that matter so I suppose I really should count my blessings).

Also, I keep meaning to do a post called "the dark ones" or "views of blackness" or something or other but more pragmatic life-related things keep getting in the way.

L'chai-im! To life!

[I'll be back at some point.]

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