Friday, December 08, 2006

Don't we all?

Not to be outdone by Will Smith, reports have it that George Clooney has recently stated that he loves Bollywood and would welcome the opportunity to perform in a Hindi film.

Geez, if everybody starts doing it, it won't be cool anymore...

Read the trascript and watch the video on CNN-IBN.

[For the record, they really need to stop calling him the world's sexiest man as if that wasn't Hrithik's birthright.]

Thanks Susan!


naina said...

apparently Beyonce once said that she wanted to go Bollywood too...;)

t-hype said...

Wow! Now all we have to do is think up a film where Will, George & Beyonce find a reason to lipsynch and dance with Hrithik. Perhaps we can throw in SRK, Big B and Aish for good measure.

Quick! Somebody call K-Jo! He's great at making movies based on a cast list as opposed to oh, I don't know--a script!

Maja said...

Oh, I'm so sending this to my Bollywood-mocking, Clooney-loving friend. Perfect!

Aisha said...

Yeah, I agree with you. If all of the Hollywood actors and actresses start getting involved in Bollywood, then it won't be Bollywood anymore. What worries me is that some of the Bollywood films are getting to be a bit more Western and less Indian.
I'm into learning about Indian culture, so when I watch a Bollywood/Indian film...I want to see Indian culture in its entirety. I want to hear the actors/actresses speak their language, wear their clothes, talk about their heritage. If they get rid of the Indian cultural heritage, then we practically have another Hollywood film. Anyways, good post!