Friday, December 01, 2006

Hurry! Offer ends December 15!

Yeah, so rather than do something productive, I was checking my site statistics only to discover this:I was targeted for Citibank NRI Business ads featuring DON. (Does that mean my "ghetto pass" has been revoked?)

Anyhoo, besides getting a copy of the new DON if you set up a new account with Citibank NRI, even without making such a big commitment, you can enter a contest to win a walk-on role in an undisclosed film (!) or random things like (no lie) "trendy sunglasses" and "snazzy movie t-shirts." [Link] Don't think you're going to get something for nothing. You have to answer 5 true/false questions correctly and come up with a showstopping slogan to finish the phrase: The DON is one of a kind because---.

In case you're wondering, of course I entered. I don't have any snazzy movie t-shirts in my collection. Hurry! Offer ends December 15!


Indian Parrot said...

Wait a minute. Not to be raining on your parade here, but don't you have to be a "NRI". Non Resident Indian. Hello!!

Thats okay...if i get a snazzy bolly shirt i will send it to you.

Mosilager said...

Well starting up a desi movie blog automatically brings you in to the nri crowd... better nri than rni (resident non-Indian) I say. half-ghetto, half bollywood...

t-HYPE said...

lol parrot,
I just thought it was amusing that they have a whole division called "NRI Sevices" as opposed to "international accounts" or something cause it makes it sound all ethnic & stuff.

BTW, I'm watching Anbe Sivam. It's fabulous! (Now if I could just download some subtitles...)

Indian Parrot said...

lol. No subtitles. I will give you a short version. Madhavan hates Kamal for the way he looks and acts. He thinks he is better than Kamal because he has an advertising job and looks hip. But Kamal acts in a calm and nice way. Kamal tells his story, Madhavan laughs and says how could a person even like or love kamal. And in the end you will see Kamal doing something that affects Madhavan. Thats it