Friday, April 28, 2006

The best pickup line I've ever heard...

Okay, while I'm almost(?) positive using the following paragraph as a pickup line wasn't his intent, once again I fell into the rabbit hole that is Sepia Mutiny and somehow discovered this jewel by Manish Vij on bridging the virtually impassible chasm between the sexes:

Real men do not need to dominate women. Real men can be friends and lovers with strong, free-thinking, independent women.
The beauty of his words thoroughly astound me however, minus 10 sexy points for the use of the word androgyny so I'll skip that part and go on to:
We cannot afford to relapse into our insecurities and pull our practiced gender roles around us like a filthy old blanket.
If that doesn't want to make you whisper, "Tell me more," while making your most sincerely interested face, what in the world does?!? No worries, he goes on:
I'm willing to cook sometimes. I'm willing to help around the house, to raise my own children, to share decision-making rather than claiming authority by virtue of gender. This is called weakening the family? I think not. I think it's being considerate of your spouse. I think it's strengthening your marriage.
Word? I'm buying what he's selling.
Fellas, try that on for size. Claim ignorance no more. You have been schooled.

[Knowing that you, Manish are a rather technophilic fellow, who might perchance, as time and Technorati allows, read this post, may I say to you personally, "Please do not ignore your true life's calling. Men worldwide need your knowledge and perspective. Write the book. Oprah's calling your name."]

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Anonymous said...

I really, really like what he had to say. :)

- Rachel