Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hollywood baby!

Sooooo, I haven't posted in a while because I'm working all kindsa hustles to get some stuff in gear in the next few months, one of which is spending some time in LaLa Land, otherwise known as, LA--Los Angeles, California.

I got accepted to the Act One summer writing program which is really cool. They only take about 24 writers or so each year. Not only does that make me feel special :) but more importantly, it means I'll have very good access to the instructors and over the course of four weeks of 8-hour days, really get a chance to know and build relationships with the other writers.

In other acts of random impetuousness, I sent some info to a recruiter for English teachers in Korea and they'll be sending my 411 to the Seoul Metro School System within the next two weeks. For a while, I worried not only about the safety of my little dog but whether or not my Bollywood habit would be wrenched from my grasp while staying on East Asian soil.

Fortunately, my fears have been laid to rest. Well, not about the dog thing but by the fact that Seoul has a 300-member Bollywood club led by a fellow calling himself Hangulo. Considering the strength of Korea's indigenous media industry, that's saying a lot. It makes me smile.

Almost as much as the thought of being at Santa Monica beach during summer. Almost.

[Up next, Abhimaan (1973) & Why I am still single.]


Anonymous said...

At last ur back in action( I mean blogging).So, u r very busy now.i am a big fan of ur blog.Really looking forward to read ur review on Jodhaa Akbar.It seems u lost ur interest about Duggu.I met with him twice. I really think,he is the most good-looking and humble celebrity on earth.wish u good luck for all of ur works.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the 1st line.I wanted to tell that,I'm glad that u are back in action,not ur back.sorry for that mistake.wish ur next post will be about Hrithik.waiting for your comment.

t-HYPE said...

Awww. Thanks Ahir!

I've watched a few films but I've been lazy about blogging because I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff I'm doing outside of work.

I'll have to trek down to the market to get a copy of Jodhaa Akbar. It's not on Netflix yet! I'm a little worried it was more pretty than interesting but that's rarely stopped me before!

Anonymous said...

No,t-hype,u r wrong.JA is not only pretty,but pretty interesting also.My reaction about the movie was just like u.But after watching it,I have to change my mind.Actually,I have watched 7 times in theater.I never liked Hrithik.But now,he is my dreamboy (sorry t-hype)!U can't find JA on Netflix.Its dvd isn't out yet.JA released at 125 theaters in US.Its a record 4 any bollywood movie.And its a movie that one should watch on big screen.Why didn't u watch it at theater?As a Hrithik fan ,u missed ur opportunity.I mean,his next movie will release at june,2009! After 1 year!
Did u read the New York Times review on JA? Or Beth's review?that was quiet interesting.
Oh,I really forgot!Hrithik's new Cinthol Soap ad is a must watch 4 u (u can see it on You tube).Ok,take care and wish u all the best.

Bhuvan Chand said...

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nic said...

Since Mr. Ambani is in the process of buying/leasing out around 200 theatres across USA, Bollywood movies should soon become easily accessible to everyone in the US.

And going by the faq on the korean site, it seems that the bollywood fans in korea probably don't know about Hrithik yet. Well in that case t-Hype, u have your job cut out for you in seoul :)

t-hype said...

See nic, this is the problem, if I go on bragging about Hrithik too much, I'll have more competition--a bad thing. At the same time, causing other people to be jealous of your movie-star boyfriend IS a source of validation--a good thing.

Such is the way of life...

MoJo said...

Hi! I was just thinking about how it was your blog that introduced me to the world of Korean dramas last summer. Of course, that gave me an addiction to rival my preexisting Bollywood obsession, led to a craze for all things K-pop, and totally opened my eyes to scarily handsome men.

I write this, because one year after reading your post on Full House, I'm moving to Korea. How weird is that?

t-HYPE said...

Sweet Mojo!

You totally owe me an email. (click on my profile) I need details!

SolShine7 said...

Awesome! One of my hopes is to get into that program one day. When I had an internship out in L.A. I visited Hollywood Pres right away. I wanted to get plugged in a church ASAP. I ended up making another church my main church but I met some really nice people who were part of Act One.

worries of cuteguy said...

hello, i am tapan. as you said that there is a llywood fan club in korea of 300 people, but actually its a 8000 member club. and in india too a lot of people are watching korean tv dramas. thanks to a tv channel kbs world.