Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dostana (2008)

John and Abhi gay
shows Karan's fantasy in
thinnly veiled story

Ok, ok. There's a bit more to Dostana than that but not much. Regardless of anything else, the film editor on this one was either a woman or gay man (Karan Johar?) because I have a hard time believing a straight dude would leave so many lingering images of John Abraham's glimmering abs and perfect pects in the final cut.

Parts of this movie were so ridiculous, I almost felt offended for the entire gay community, and that's saying a lot. Par example, the scene where the man in camo starts crying about his boyfriend being in Iraq and complementing John & Abhi on being such a happy couple...WTH?! It was ridiculously a bad parody of Jack on Will & Grace.

Ever since KANK, I've been yelling, "Why can't I quit you K-Jo?!" but we all know it's a losing battle. Even as I watched in various moments of horror and dismay I couldn't help but laugh myself silly at Abhishek's behavior in the lovestory "flashback" scene. He looked like he was interpreting a (gay) man interpreting a woman which I suppose he was but the fact that he was three steps removed from reality really showed as he was throwing his lanky limbs all over the place and making pouty faces!

As for the lovely John Abraham, this might be his best role yet: the straight guy every gay guy wishes was gay. I mean, isn't that like his life story? All he had to do was show up. No acting required. Just thinking about it, I would hate, hate, hate to see him and Aishwarya paired together. That would definitely be the Titanic of beauty and non-acting. *sigh*

Basically, the film is only good for giggles. If giggling at men enacting every gay stereotype is funny to you, or more specifically, Abhishek Bachchan enacting every gay stereotype, then you'll find something worth enjoying. Well, there's also Priyanka looking as beautiful as ever. (Bobby Deol isn't much worth mentioning here.)

Also, a couple of the songs are really hot. Still, this one isn't going to make my favorites list!


Carol said...

No, the Titantic of bad acting will be John and Katrina Kaif in YRF’s next movie, New York.

Girl, you have to stop hating on Aishwarya because she is fair and beautiful. Aishwarya has improved as an actress and has been good in a number of movies – Iruvar, Kandukandain, Chohker Bali, Raincoat, HDSCS, Khakee, Provoked, Guru, Jodhaa Akbar, etc. As a dark skin black woman with sisters who can pass for white, I see a lot of the reverse discrimination where people talk bad about my sisters because they are fair and successful as if they don’t have to work hard and face obstacles. Girls in BW like Katrina and Celina are a better target – lol

Actresses with a darker complexion are not automatically better performers. I like Bipasha (even with all her plastic surgery) but the girl has wasted much of her career playing the sexy glam doll. She needs to get serious and take off the heavy makeup and hair extensions.

As for John, he needs to stop letting himself be trivialized as a sex object. I feel he has it in him to perform well with the right director. He seems like a really nice guy who wants to be taken seriously.

Dostana was a timepass movie with a good comic performance from Abhishek and hot bodies by John and Priyanka - a one time watch.

Congrats on the article!

t-hype said...

Hey Carol. Thanks for commenting.

Not hating on Aish because she's "fair" (light-skinned?), just because she has no range. You're right about Katrina Kaif though, she doesn't have any range either but Aish is WAY prettier than her. Thus, I stand by what I said, John + Aish is the Titanic of beauty and non-acting.

I haven't attempted to imply that darker skinned actress as intrinsically endowed with better skill in any way. (Did you get that impression from the article? That was one quote among many. As for Aish, I also mentioned that while she may not be the best actress, I can't think of any other heroine who shines as well doing classical dance but that didn't make the cut. I LOVE watching her dance sequences. Devdas has numerous examples.)

I'd be surprised if John and Bips don't work the sexy until they die. It's their trademark. ;)

Carol said...

LOL - at the John and Bips comment.

I used to think Ash had no range until I watched the movies listed. Then I realized there is more to her than looks. The roles cover a full spectrum of characters and time periods and she performed well. So I guess I'll still have to respectfully disagree.

Regarding the color issue, I see more dark skinned actresses and actors doing well now in BW. The only inexplicable big star is Katrina who cannot act, dance or even speak Hindi and is less good looking than other actresses but gets a pass for her fair skin (and her powerful BF). Unbelievable.

My family enjoys watching BW movies since we got bored with Hollywood-too much sex, violence, profanity in meaningless movies. We still check out the well reviewed HW movies but watch more BW on a regular basis.

Good talking to another black BW fan.

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This movie was comedy movie and was a good movie.

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Niranjan Actor Fraud said...

Priyanka, Abhishek & John acted well in the movie Dostana. The song Munda sadda is a superhit song of the movie.