Saturday, June 28, 2008

God-fearing atheists

[title lifted from GetReligon; original Pew Forum study here]

This was the funniest thing I've heard all week! I mean, Geez, don't people have any loyalty anymore?!

21% of atheists believe in God. [ref]
55% of agnostics believe in God. [ref]

Grandly amusing. I was telling my coworker about this and he said, "They must have interviewed a bunch of people who's elevators don't go all the way upstairs." That's one way to put it. I imagine the interview went like this:

Interviewer: Do you believe in God?
21% of atheists: Yeah.
Interviewer: Great. Uh, do you go to a house of worship?
21% of atheists: No, I'm an atheist.
Interviewer: Okaaayyy....
You know something's trendy when the people doing it no longer know why. Equally silly is this factoid:
74% of Americans believe in heaven but only 59% believe in Hell. So where do serial killers go when they die? [ref]
The columnist wants answers and I do too! For real, people! For real!

And speaking of people going to hell, I'm sure this guy has reserved seating: Prosecutors said Chiman Rai had son's wife killed because she was black

This crazy guy is quite close to boo
king tickets: Hangman's noose, gun lead to arrest of LaVergne man (Yes, that is 15 minutes from where I live.)

I'm pretty sure this guy has a real estate office where he sells hell-plots to his parishioners but that's another post for a different day...a really long post...


Siditty said...

I would like to know where you obtain this study from, as obviously the people answering it weren't atheist and it seems to be a biased religious study to discount those who don't wish to observe in God.

t-hype said...

Actually, if you read the references, the source is the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. They're known as a pretty neutral and reputable source.

I neglected to post a link to the original study but I'll update the post. One their site, you can read the exact questions they asked. There was nothing sneaky about it.

These days many people, atheist or otherwise have little idea what the title they claim is supposed to mean they believe. That's an indisputable fact. I think that's what my coworker was alluding to...

arslan said...

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Anonymous said...

I know this isn't the place or the space but I stumbled along your blog which is both interesting and entertaining but I want to know what you(as a non-caucasian American) think of the following:
Can you please read this article and tell me if it isn't the truest thing you've ever heard?

I hope you respond.

rudy said...

21% of atheists believe in God

i think i will greet people today with that factoid


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