Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Monday Eye Candy? - updated

Eye candy might not be the right classification for this one but at the very least, true R&B fans should find this slightly amusing. This is what America has done to Asia--specifically Korea.

Presenting Rain (Bi), the manchild whose fans pummelled those of both Stephen Colbert and Sanjaya Malakar to make #1 him on the Time 100 poll.

My imeem tracks from Rain. If that first track doesn't make you wanna dance, I don't know if we can be friends! LOL. [The girl he's singing with--Ai--used to be a backup dancer for Janet Jackson. She's Japanese. Anybody know which language this track is in?]


MoJo said...

Dude, I totally liked that! I actually have this big cheesy grin on my face.

t-hype said...

LOL! Glad I could make your Monday brighter!

I like Bi. I'd like him more if he weren't such a stripper. As my daddy always said, "Real singers don't need to do all that." :)

For more Asian invasion, check out Leehom Wang. His stuff is pretty tight.

Saria said...

HAHA! Yay t-hype!
You've discovered Bi! Enough to inspire this lurker to come out and comment. (although I did comment on one of your posts about Priyanka Chopra, who, you're right, is drop dead gorgeous)

Bi is hawt (although I prefer the stubble of Abhishek. Is there even room for comparison?).

Bi's commonly referred to as the Korean Usher (since he dances like him AND steals all his dance moves). His previous concert series are near total rip offs. But is he "talented."

Given your penchant for Bollywood (which I mirror) I sense that Korean drama TV serials are only a hop, skip, and jump away for you. Should you decide to take the plunge (maybe you have and I'm rambling here) do check out Full House (which also stars Bi).

t-hype said...

Don't even go there saria! I have a fairly addictive personality. For this reason I've never watched an episode of Lost or 24. Korean soap operas are too deep. I remember watching a really cheap looking "historical" one over my friends house (her mom had left it on). I was all into the story line without subtitles. She's like, Why are you watching that crap? I tried to break the storyline down for her but she wasn't hearing me...